About Us

Rent a Dress is a Lagos based company that started offering a solution for renting high quality dresses, jewelry, handbags and shoes. Our goal is to have these items on your doorstep in less than 24 hours.

Est. 2021

Our Story

The Founder of Rent A Dress narrates how the company comes to exist – On a Friday morning, i was on my sister’s bed when my sister came bustling into the room, opened her closet/wardrobe, and start shuffling through tons of beautiful dresses she hung in her closet/wardrobe, although, she looks worried from the expression on her face.

It was later i knew my sister has been invited to an event by her best friend and she is looking for the most glamorous dress to grace the event. Despite the many dresses in her wardrobe, she seems not to find the perfect one. She concluded to buy a new dress for the event – she went out but came back empty-handed, this time, with discernment of the high prices of dresses she desired.

Where I was lying down, the idea hit me “Why buy, when you can rent” I gave her the idea – she could borrow/rent the dress she wanted rather than buying. She agreed and I moved swiftly to search the internet to get the best vendor for the service. i.e a dress rental service.

We search everywhere on the internet, using all search engines we could get access to – Bing, Google even Yandex included – but nothing relevant to the service we wanted. There I knew, there is a gap that is needed to be filled. To make women’s lives easier by giving them the freedom and flexibility to wear what they like, any time they want without breaking the bank.

READ is for every lady out there who needed to steps how confident in their dress anywhere they are going. Our vision at READ is to advance renting as a fashion lifestyle, rather than buying, cos’ every lady seeks continuous style every day.